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Hello, I am Rosana

Hello, my name is Rosana. Expressing myself through art has been a need to me since I can remember. I was born in the heart of a family where music and country were part of our daily lives. From my grandparents, Salvador and Erminia, and my father, Cesar, I inherited the love for materials; experimenting with them and being able to show who I am.
My life was so soaked by music that I became a choir singer, dancer, and rhythmic gymnastics teacher. In 2012 I began to set my path in the Arts with the help of Amalia Montangiero. That path continued with Professor Heriberto Zorrila, who could see in me a creative energy and left a mark in my story.
I am currently studying for a Visual Arts degree in the National University of Arts (UNA), which is a huge challenge for a 50-year- old. It's a wonderful experience in which I'm walking unknown paths, giving everything I have to offer, exploring different ways. My creations are a mirrror of myself: I'm transparent, visceral, and in constant mutation.



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